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Join in the fun of learning more about the origins of the rail system by looking at replicas of Atlantaic, Memnon, RPO combine and Central Railroad of New Jersey

The B&O Railroad Museum

Museums are interesting and exciting, but when you get a museum that specializes in transportation and railroad, you get to see how these massive modes of transportation started and how it evolved through the ages. At the B&O Railroad Museum, you will see the significant collections of railroad treasures in the world. Ask your charter bus driver, and he too will tell you that this is one place you should not miss.

The Exhibits at the Museum

At the museum, mini bus rental visitors can view both originals and replicas of many different trains. Some were actually even built purposely for its centennial “Fair of the Iron Horse” held in year 1927. Some of the notable exhibits at the B&O Railroad Museum are:

  • "Atlantic" #2, an 0-4-0 "Grasshopper" built in 1832 by Phineas Davis and Israel Gartner, one of the oldest surviving locomotives.
  • "Memnon" #57, an 0-8-0 built in 1848 by Newcastle Mfg., one of the oldest surviving freight locomotives.
  • Maryland and Pennsylvania Rail roadbaggage/RPO combine #35, built in 1906 by the Ma & Pa
  • Central Railroad of New Jersey 4-4-2 #592, one of three surviving Camelback type locomotives.

The Oldest Surviving Station - Ellicott City Station

Since you would be visiting the B&O Railroad Museum, don’t forget to also check out the Ellicott City Station, which is part of the museum and is the oldest surviving railroad station in America. B&O Railroad completed the Main Depot building in 1830-1831, and on this same site, you will find the 1885 freight house, a 1927 “I-5” caboose and a replica of the first ever horse-drawn passenger rail car.

At the freight house, coach bus visitors will also find a 40-foot HO-gauge model railroad layout on display that exhibits the first 13 miles of commercial rail track between Baltimore and Ellicott City.

The B&O Railroad Museum is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10am - 4pm, and on Sundays from 11am - 4pm.

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